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Antifouling Instructions

Slip, Waterblast & Antifoul Price Inc. GST:
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Acid wash Price Inc. GST:
Anodes (if necessary) Price Inc. GST:
Additional coat (if required - extra charge) Price Inc. GST:
Prop speed (if required - extra charge) Price Inc. GST:
Prime bare areas (if necessary) Price Inc. GST:
Towing (provide bay & no.) Price Inc. GST:
Top sides polish (if required - extra charge) Price Inc. GST:

Please Note : Superior Marine Services, The Shipwrights; APS Marine & The Electricians; Sydney Marine Electrical are resident contractors.

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I authorise the work requested above and agree to pay for labour, spare parts and materials required for that purpose at the GBM current rates and prices. I authorise GBM to debit my Credit card on completion of work using completed credit card authorisation, The Marina shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to the vessel, its accessories or contents whilst berthed or being driven in connection with the work being authorised unless caused by the negligence of GBM or its employees. I agree to pay GBM reasonable storage charges if delivery of the vessel is not taken within two days after notice is given by GBM that the work has been completed.

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